Hard Weekend

This weekend was really hard on Casey (and us).  Friday and Saturday we had to push her really hard with her different treatments.  She worked so hard, but it took its toll on her.  Saturday night Tim and I could not take it anymore.  We talked with the doctors on Sunday and told them that it is just to much.  They actually agreed and were thinking the same thing.  We tried some easier interventions on Sunday (still a lot of work, but not quite as bad).  Casey was so happy to get a little bit of a break.  We were able to get her out of bed some, she watched some ponies, read some stories and seemed to really enjoy the day.  The good news is that this mornings x-ray showed that the trend was still improving (slow, but forward).

We were on a mission to start talking with the doctors about getting her toward the door.  She is still very tired and depleted from Friday and Saturday’s activities.  We are a little worried about the over all toll that this weekend has taken and how long it will take her to recover.

Casey always does much better at home in her quiet controlled environment with her stuff and where she is most comfortable.  While we appreciate and recognize that the medical interventions are necessary we also realize that there is a point that the comfort interventions are sometimes more important for Casey.  It is not going to be easy nor quick, but we know she will do better at home.  Last time this happened it was a good month or 2 after going home before Casey was recovered.  We expect this to take a month or more as well and a lot of hard work at home.

This morning started out okay.  Out of no where Casey threw up a good amount of old blood and gastric juices.  Her surgeon had been watching for gastritis all along and we are pretty sure that is what we saw this morning.  The first thought was to place an NG tube to allow Casey to vent any remaining blood.  Casey is not a fan of the NG tube.  She was already upset from throwing up, then the NG tube sent her over the edge.  She was worked up all day and has still not fully come back to a resting heart rate.  Hopefully as she settles in for the night her numbers will level off.  Moving forward we may have to do this from time to time.  We will have to find a way to do this with less agitation.  Gastritis is treated with antacids.  Casey was already on some, but her dose was increased today.

While Casey finishes up her IV antibiotics we are working to set up all of her home therapies here at the hospital.  Today they changed most of her respiratory treatments to use the equipment we have at home.  Over the next few days we will work on getting her feeding routine in line with what we can manage at home.  Then it is about getting her off some of the IV medications and finishing up the antibiotics.  We hope to be home late this week.  Until we have the discharge papers in our hands though, we really can’t say when we will be leaving.  Whenever it is, we will be so happy to be back home.

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