Halloween 2012

Casey LOVES Halloween.  Each year we get Casey dressed up and deliver goodies to all of her doctors.  She has so much fun.  It’s nice to see the doctors for fun reasons as opposed to a patient.  The staff loves getting to see Casey all dressed up.  We have done it enough years now that some of them expect us and look forward to the visit. 

Casey has a lot of doctors to visit.  Each year it seems like the list gets longer.  The deliveries take most of the day.  This year she was wiped out when we got back home.  We planned on taking her to a few houses nearby, but she just wanted to cuddle up with Daddy on the couch instead.  I don’t think he minded.

On the Saturday before Halloween Casey got to go to CLU’s Day to Play.  This one was at Lakeshore Learning and the kids got to make spooky spider crafts.  She had a lot of fun with her friends. 

Recently Casey got a new medical device.  The is called The Vest.  It’s a machine that pumps air into a vest, or wrap in Casey’s case) that surrounds the chest.  The air is pumped in in spurts to give the effect of CPT (Chest Precessions).  Previously we would always just tap on Casey’s chest, back and sides to try to help break up fluid and crud in her lungs.  The wrap does a much better job than we can, and it covers the entire area.  We were not real sure how she would handle it, but she seems to like it.  Since it makes her chest vibrate she likes to hear her voice while it goes.  It’s actually kind of funny. 

Here are some fun photos of Casey from Halloween:

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