Swimming Pools & Movie Stars…

A few weeks ago we were asked to be part of a pretty cool project.  There is a new website going up for families like ours (with kids that have special needs).  This website is all about support for parents, and not so focused on diagnosis and medical details.  The website uses videos to share ideas, inspiration and offer support.  They wanted to come out and capture a day in the life of Casey.  They came out last week to meet us and get an idea of some of the things they wanted to include.  They saw that Casey is all personality and has a bunch of friends.  They asked if we would be willing to have some friends over and let them get Casey being ‘one of the girls’ in the pool with her friends.  We try to do this a lot anyway, so of course we loved the idea.

As luck would have it, one of our friends for Los Angeles is in town right now and asked if they could come by today.  We explained that a film crew would be here, but if they were okay with it come on over.  Casey got to hang out with her very first friend, Patricio, and his little sister, Alejandra.  She was so happy to see them.  Last time they were in town Alejandra was much younger.  She and Casey took to each other right away.  It’s pretty special to watch other kids and how they connect with Casey.

After our friends from LA had to get on the road so we took a quick lunch break and then some of our friends from the neighborhood came over to swim and play.  Casey’s little friends were pretty excited about being in a movie with Casey. 

We all played in the pool for a little while so they could get some footage of Casey with her friends.  After, Casey went to the swing for a little bit for some other shots they wanted to capture.  Casey’s friend got to do an interview on what it’s like to be Casey’s friends.  It was pretty cute to watch them do their interview.

When we finished outside we had a few more shots to get inside.  The girls came in and read Casey a story and Berkley made sure that the camera man got everyone’s good sides. 

Casey has some pretty great friends and spending an entire day with friends (morning and afternoon) was wonderful.  She had such a great day.  When she has a good day, we have a good day.  The footage is on it’s way to editing now.  Once we get a link to the final footage we will share it. 

We hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!

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