Casey had a GREAT day!!!  She woke up bright and early (3AM) and had a rough start.  Some tummy issues made us wonder if she was up for her deliveries today.  She calmed down and was ready to go right on time.  Her mermaid costume was a big hit everywhere she went.

Casey is up to 16 doctors now.  2 are brand new, and 4 we only see as needed (luckily we haven’t needed them recently) so we took goodies to her 10 regulars and her PT up at the hospital- 11 deliveries in all.  She was eating up all the compliments everywhere we went.  All of the doctors, nurses, staff, other patients, everyone told her how great she looked and she was loving the attention.  While I was talking to one PT Tim was talking to Casey’s PT and Casey’s nurse was chatting with the photographer.  After a few minutes (or seconds) of Casey not being the center of attention she quickly reminded us that this is her day and we need to pay attention to her. She is such a little stinker.

When we took her to the trunk or treat earlier no one knew she was supposed to be Boo.  Everyone knew exactly who she is today.  She got lots of stickers, some necklaces and even a little puppet while we were out.  She needed a little suctioning in the car, but for the most part she was doing great all day.

Tim is off this week and so he was able to join us this year.  I am not sure if this is our 4th or 5th year doing this, but he is usually working and just hears about it after we get home.  He was pretty excited to be able to go with us.  He saw how much she loves doing this first hand.  I think he may try to take off when we go next year too. 

After a long day Casey needs to get some rest.  We will see if she is up for going trick-or-treating or to the block party a little later this evening.  She has been all about hanging with her friends lately.  I am sure if she is able, she will want to be there.  If she needs to rest more she can help hand out goodies here instead.  Either way I am sure she will have fun tonight.

I had a little free time and thought I would go ahead and update on her deliveries.  I will do another post this weekend on tonight’s fun activities. 

The recipe we made this year is Pumpkin Crunch Cake.  Someone made this at my grandparents church a little while back and it was so yummy.  Hopefully our attempt was yummy too.

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