Casey stayed on the bilevel bipap for nearly 24 hours straight. She came off a few times for minutes, but mostly she stayed on. This mornings X-ray showed a little (not much) improvement. The doctors wanted to keep her on bilevel all day again. Casey was not having it though. She was fighting the machine and needed a break. After getting the doctors to agree Casey was so happy on her break.

The plan for today was to split up the day with high flow cannula and bilevel. Casey has been really good about tolerating all of the interventions, but she is getting so tired.

She has not been having much output (diapers). They are about to add some free water to her feeds and some additional meds to help with a BM.

We should know tomorrow if anything grew on the cultures taken after yesterday’s fever. She hasn’t spiked another big fever since so at least that’s good news.

Tonight will be busy switching back and forth between treatments. As long as the X-ray is improving- even if only a little- we’ll take it. Lets hope/pray for big improvements though.

On a positive note, Casey is up for a little playtime tonight. She is listening to Pinkie Pie tell her stories. This is the most interested she has been in fun in a while.

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