Holiday Party

My little baby is so grown up. We have been telling her all about Santa for a few weeks now. She understood that she had to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. At the party this weekend she waited for her turn. When Santa came over to her she was ready for him. The second he bent down to say hello she started telling him everything. It was so cute. Her talking is just sounds, but you could tell she was giving him her list. I wish I knew what she asked for so I could be sure she gets it. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed that I guessed right.

Her school therapies finish up this week then she is off until the new year. She is pretty busy this week. She saw her neuro yesterday. That went well. She has not had one of her seizures in about 3 weeks now. That is very good. Nothing changed though. Maybe we just had a bad batch of medicine or something.

Casey went to see ortho this morning. Her PT noticed that her knees felt more bony than usual. The doctor wanted to take a look and see what was going on. He said they are okay, she is just stiff and hyper extending some. We had him check her spine and ankles too. For now we just stay the course. She will go back in March and get a full round of xrays.

While we were in ortho we had the brace guy check her AFOs. They have been bothering her some lately. He stretched them out a little. If she still seems to be irritated with them then we will have to go in to his office soon for a full readjustment. This pair of AFOs has given us so much trouble. Her last pair never had to have any adjustments at all. She is growing so much now that everything just keeps changing.

We are trying to get our Christmas shopping finished up this week. Next week some of my family will be in town. Christmas is at our house so Casey can participate. I am so glad that family is flexible enough to come to her. We will post pictures and updates after the holiday. We hope everyone has a safe and merry Christmas.

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