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No real news to post right now. We had a nice quiet 4th at home. Casey is still having a little trouble with teething. There are so many coming in right now that it is causing a lot of extra secretions. With all the secretions we have had to suction a lot. Because of all of the suctioning we have held off on the Farrell feeding system. We will let the teething pain subside and start up again later.

Casey has been adjusting to her chair. She fell asleep in it last week and stayed in it for nearly 2 hours. On average she is staying in it 45-60 minutes a day right now. The other day she wanted nothing to do with it. We tried 3 different times and each time we had to pull her out in less than 5 minutes.

Casey was in a really good mood today so we were able to get her hair done and put her in her chair before her vision therapy started. Since she was sitting up she was even able to wear her glasses. She looks so cute. She looks like a big girl now, she is growing up way too fast.

We are planning a trip to the pool tomorrow morning. Tuesdays are her day off (no therapies) so we try to do fun stuff that we don’t always have time for. Laura (her nurse) comes on Thursday this week. As long as Casey is doing well and nothing comes up we are planning to take Casey to my old company to show everyone her new chair. I am sure she will love the attention there. She will hate the drive, but she always hates the drive.

We meet an Austin Ortho next week. We are hoping to find one local that we like so we don’t have to drive back to Houston for all of her Ortho needs. The one we see next week is pretty highly recommended. I really hope he works out. I heard that he actually moved here from New Orleans after Katrina hit.

We finally got shipping notification today. Casey’s stander will be here on Friday. I can’t wait to start getting her used to that and eventually putting some weight on her feet. I really think it is going to help a lot.

Tim is trying to get ready for the Chicago Tri coming up at the end of August. Between work and working out he is keeping pretty busy. I have been using the time with Laura here to get a lot done. I think I am pretty much caught up on my chores. I hope to start working on my book this week while she is here.

I think that is about it for updates from the Barnes Family. As always we hope everyone is well. I will post more next week after we meet the new Ortho. We will post pics of the stander too.
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