More Details

So we saw Casey’s pediatrician yesterday. We went over all of the details of her increased secretions, bleeding, fever, etc. They took an x-ray and checked her over. The x-ray did not look bad but there was a small area in the top of her left lung. They decided to go ahead and do another round of antibiotics. We started the medicine yesterday afternoon. Hopefully this round will kill off any remaining yuck that she has in her system.

We had a really long day. Casey needed a ton of suctioning. Between the car ride, then being at the doctor she was just not happy at all. She was really worked up the entire time we were out of the house. Our suction machine actually started to flash that the battery was running out. We had to get the doctor to move us to a different room so that we could be set up with their machine while we waited on them to review the x-ray. We expected that once we put Casey in the car to go home that she would take a nap. We were wrong, she continued to fuss the whole way home. She just did not want to be out yesterday at all.

Once we got her home she did settle down. She took a good little nap yesterday evening. Megan and Tim play volleyball on Mondays. Casey slept until about the time they left. Then she was pretty fussy the entire time they were gone and until we took her to bed. The good side of that was that she was up almost all day so she was really tired when she went to bed. She slept most of the night.

Casey has PT this morning. We are going to try to do it, but we will just have to see how she responds. Other than PT Casey will just rest today. Hopefully she will get this yuck cleared out and feel better soon.

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