Lungs Continued

Casey had a rough night. I was worried her morning X-ray was going to be horrible. It wasn’t worse, but it was not really better either. The doctors decided we need to be more aggressive. Casey is on bipap for the night. We are doing 3 hours on 3 off to try and minimize any air pressure that could build up in her stomach. If she needs bipap Casey tolerates it pretty well. As soon as her lungs start to get stronger she starts to really fight it. She seemed really comfortable this round so I think it is what she needs- at least for now. During the 3 hours off she is doing lots of breathing treatments and IPV. We really hope we see some big improvements with tomorrow’s X-ray.

The new j-tube is still going strong. Today her rate went up every 4 hours by 5cc. She recently got to 30cc. They want her to stay at 30 for 24 hours to see how it goes. She did have a BM on her own today- a big one at that.

On a good note, Casey’s home nurse Emily came by to give us a much needed break to go home, shower, and eat. While we took a break they did a round of treatments and watched some ponies.

We need to get ready to start the next round of bipap. Hopefully tomorrows post will have some good news.

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