My Little Diva

Casey has not been feeling well, so she has not been back to school since her first day.  She was finally up for going today.  I helped her pick out her pink polka dot tutu and then I left her with the her nurse to finish up while I got the car ready.  When I came back in Casey had added quite a bit of personality to the ensemble.   She added a pink Cinderella ring, her fuzzy pink purse with a unicorn inside, fuzzy pink boots, pig tails (with pink bows) and all the diva attitude she can fit into her little body.  She makes me laugh sometimes.  I wish I could pull off one tenth of her style 🙂

She got to go to the library today.  She LOVES the library.  They got there a few minutes before the 1st grade class and the librarian was showing her some stuff.  After the rest of the class joined her the librarian showed the rest of the class what she had shown Casey and asked them some questions.  Casey’s nurse told us that she would ask the question and Casey would answer loud and proud.  I’m sure she had the answer, if only she could make the words.  Of course when it came time to get her books she found her way to the elephant section.  I thought for sure last year that she read all the elephant books they had.  She found a couple more today.  

This evening Casey started having a hard time again.  Hopefully she is not getting sick so she can do the rest of her week’s activities.  I guess we will have to just keep an eye on her and see how it goes.  I don’t have much more to post today, just had to share the picture of the little diva. 

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