Spring Break

Last week was Spring Break.  Casey wasn’t feeling well for most of the week.  We did a more accurate culture on her respiratory issues and started some new medications last week.  She is getting an antibiotic as well as an inhaled antibiotic to try to help get this crud out of her lungs and her lungs back open.  The good news is that the drugs do seem to be helping, the bad news is that in order for them to help she does have a few bad days as she starts to clear the stuff out.  By Friday though she was able to be off of the oxygen some during the day.

Casey’s Girl Scout troop went to see the new Cinderella movie Friday morning.  Casey was so excited to go hang out with her friends.  She LOVED the Frozen short, then fell asleep for the first half of Cinderella.  She did wake up in time for the ball though (that is the only part she really cares about anyway since this version didn’t have singing).  The battery on her suction machine was not cooperating though so we had to head out as soon as the movie ended.  She wasn’t happy about not getting to hang out with her friends like she had planned, so we stopped for ice cream on the way home to make up for it.  Once we got to the car we could plug in for power.  We stopped at Sonic and she and I split a chocolate shake.  She is so much like her daddy- she LOVES ice cream.  In the picture, she is hanging out in the car enjoying her shake (it’s hard to tell in the picture so I thought I would explain).

On Saturday she was in a pretty good mood.  One of her nurses was coming over so Tim and I could go out and Casey was very excited about having a fun night with her nurse.  They did some Easter crafts and watched some movies.

Sunday morning Casey was not great, she took a little step back and was needing more respiratory help that the few days before.  We were able to get her off of oxygen around lunch.  A little friend of hers that lives next door invited Casey to get a pedicure with her at a nearby salon.  When I asked Casey if she wanted to go, she gave me a very strong YES!  We met our neighbors at the salon and Casey had a great time.  She got the entire experience with the foot/calf message and all.  Her friend picked a hot pink polish that they both used.  Her friend had actually just gone to the movie that morning with her mom and came very well dressed in her Frozen dress.  She and Casey are both total divas and get along great.

We are starting to plan Casey’s birthday.  I still can not believe she is almost 9!!!!  We decided to get another Icing Smiles cake this year.  She had her dream cake a few years ago (the amazing My Little Pony cake).  This year she will get a fun cake.  They just confirmed her baker yesterday.  It’s kind of cool how it works.  You put in your child’s information on an Icing Smiles form.  Then if you qualify they have regional people that start contacting bakers in your area.  Then a baker will volunteer to provide the cake.  Casey’s cake will come from Not Your Ordinary Cakes this year.  I am really excited to see what she comes up with.  This year her theme is Spring.  Lots of flowers, pink, purple, butterflies, all the girly stuff Casey likes.

We are still working out a date to go meet with anesthesia about potentially getting Casey’s CT done.  There is not much to update in that area right now though.  When we know more we will share.

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