One Thing After Another

Oh my goodness, I can’t seem to win with our nursing situation. We had Casey’s previous nurse (the school nurse) scheduled to come out on Tuesday evening so we could go out and celebrate our anniversary. The service called in the morning and told me that she had gone to the ER the night before and would not be able to come that night. She was also scheduled to come on Sunday so that I could go and cheer Tim and Ken on at the race. As of Tuesday I was told that she would be here and not to worry. I was told on Tuesday that she was already feeling better and that they really doubted that should would not be able to be here. I just got off the phone with the service and of course, she has not been cleared by her doctor. Tim and I have made so many plans around her being here. I am so frustrated! I know it is not her fault, but if the service would have sent out people we would possibly have a person that we could use in her place. We have been shorted on hours for months now. We have not been happy with our nurse for over a month now. And as of a few minutes ago the one good thing we were getting from them is now out too. I am so mad I could scream.

Casey’s previous nurses that we loved are no longer active with the service. One of them is very involved in her church so I hate to ask her to come by on a Sunday. I did contact the other one to see if she may be available. We would just pay her directly. It is last minute and she is usually pretty busy. I hope she is free; she may be free. I can’t count on it though. It looks like for this week we have 8 hours total (out of 50) used. And, those 8 were pretty awful. I did not get anything done. Every time I tried I got called back home because she was not able to do her job to the level she should.

I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I hope that my backup can come through. I really hope that by this time next week we have a new nurse in training with more potential than we have seen lately. Only time will tell. Until then, if you talk to me I may be a little snippy.

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