So Close

Looks like surgery is going to be on the 9th instead of the 2nd. We were so close to having those feet fixed. Casey, Tim and I have all been pretty sick this week. We talked with Ortho today and they said that with her being high risk already that they did not want to take any chances. So to be sure that Casey is safe and that the surgery goes as smoothly as possible we have pushed back one week. The good news is that I called ENT as soon as we got home and they will still be able to combine the two procedures.

We are talking to Casey’s pediatrician now to get her on some meds for the week. Tim and I decided to reduce additional risk we are going to put the house on lock down. We are going to sanitize everything and cancel everything we don’t HAVE to do for surgery. We will try to give Casey as much time as she needs to get rested and recovered.

On Wednesday we met with Pulmonary. We were feeling less than great, but not nearly as bad as we do today. So when we met with them they gave Casey the go ahead. We have increased her breathing treatments to just get her airway nice and open, but other than that she was doing really good. They did confirm one other thing we were kind of expecting. The pulmonary team is suggesting that with Casey’s past respiratory issues that she does not o directly to recovery and the floor after surgery. Instead they would like her to go to the PICU for at least 24 hours to be closely monitored. They also said it was possible she may need a little extra time on the vent. This is not a bad thing. We were actually really nervous about her going to recovery. If she goes directly to PICU we know the nurses, they know Casey and we feel very comfortable with the level of care she gets. And leaving her on the vent and slowly ween her off instead of just pulling as soon as surgery is done is much safer for her lungs. The other thing pulmonary confirmed is that the standard 1-2 night stay is a little optimistic for Casey. With the added PICU time we are looking at more like 3-4 nights.

We were not surprised by any of the things we heard this week. We expected PICU and more time, and after getting sick we figured they would postpone. We really want Casey’s feet fixed, but we are not interested at all in putting her at any additional risk. We want her safe. So that’s all for now. Time for us all to take our meds and get some rest. I will post more next week when we start to get things rolling again.

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