Green Light

We are cleared for surgery on Tuesday. We do not have a time of day yet, but Casey will get her feet and ear tubes done in just a few days. We have made sure that everyone is VERY aware of previous issues as well as all of her current risk factors. Our biggest concern is still anesthesia. They do not assign the anesthesiologist until the day before the procedure. However, they have taken all of our info and are going to be sure that Casey does not get a random anesthesiologist but instead will get a senior very experienced one. We should know who it will be on Monday and then we will have time Tuesday before the surgery to talk to them in person.

I will remain a basket case until Casey is back home. I do feel a little better about the staff being properly prepared for Casey.

We are planning on taking a computer with us since we are going to be staying at the hospital with Casey. We will take turns taking breaks. There is a coffee shop across the street with wifi that we will use to check in. One of us will post after surgery to let everyone know how it went. We will also try to process the fundraiser emails at least once a day.

Please say a prayer, think positive thoughts, cross your fingers, do what ever you think will help to insure the surgery goes well and that we get Casey back home as soon as possible. We will do our best to post updates as often as we can.

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