What a fun day! Casey put on her costume (she is a nurse this year), then we spent the morning out. We went by to visit Casey’s doctors. She loved it. She got to show them what a good nurse she is.

When we stopped by the hospital to see some there we were invited to take her trick-or-treating in the halls. The hospital set up all kinds of fun stuff for the kids. We were just planning on saying hello and maybe getting a sticker or two. Instead, Casey cleaned up. I think she likes trick-or-treating. It was great because nothing was edible. It could not have worked out more perfect for her.

Casey’s ear infection seems to be healing well. Since she is feeling okay she has a lot of fun stuff planned. Today was visiting the doctors. Tomorrow she gets to go to a Halloween party. Then Sunday she gets to trick-or-treat at a few neighbor’s homes. Her nurse lives just down the street and a couple other neighbors are going to have non-candy treats just for her.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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