Beautiful Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend in Austin. On Saturday Casey and her troop went to Wyoming Springs Assisted Living to sell cookies to the residents. They all had a great time. The troop sold 50 boxes in just under 2 hours! They did awesome and I think the residents had fun hanging out with the troop too.

On Sunday it was sooo pretty outside. We decided to grill out and let Casey get some time on her swing. She was thrilled. This was the first time we have had to drag the oxygen out with us. It worked out easier than I expected. Her cable is long enough that we can leave the tank just below the swing and she had plenty of slack. It should work out similar in the pool once the water is a bit warmer.

Casey is resting today, and some of her cousins are coming by this afternoon. With my brother back in town Casey will get to see her cousins a lot more than before.