Casey’s 9th Birthday Party

On Saturday, April 25th, Casey had a fun birthday party in the park.  A bunch of her friends came and we had a pavilion all to ourselves.  The kids played games, a clown came to paint faces & make balloon shapes, and we of course had cake.  It was really hot that day.  When we first got there and were setting up Casey got a bit overheated.  We had to take her back to the car and blast the AC for a little bit to cool her down.  When she was finally cool enough to try again we dipped her drool cloth into the melted ice in the cooler and kept that around her neck (re-dipping every few minutes).  The cool rag helped a lot.  Towards the end of the party she did get a bit overheated again.  We decided to wrap things up and get her into the AC to stay.  She loves to be around her friends, but the weather takes such a toll.  She has always been sensitive to heat and I think the older she gets the more sensitive.

Casey spent the rest of the afternoon/evening recovering from the party.  We had the house as cold as we could get it and she just rested.  She seemed to be much better by the next morning.

We had the cake done by Icing Smiles again this year.  It’s a great program for kids like Casey.  I was a little worried.  The baker that signed up to do Casey’s cake had to cancel last minute when her son got sick.  Luckily she has friends that are also bakers and was able to get someone to take over.  Everything worked out great and the cake and cupcakes were a huge hit.

The original clown that we hired had to cancel as well due to a schedule conflict.  Luckily she had a clown that could take over for her.  The kids loved Devo the Clown.  We even had a party crasher.  One little girl playing in the park decided that we were having way to much fun so she just wondered in and got in line to get her face painted with the rest of the party. 

We didn’t take a lot of pictures at the party, but here are a few:

Casey with her baker and the cake in the background

A quick family pic

A very hot Casey

Kids in line for face painting

Casey with Devo

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