Casey’s Fun Day

We have been so busy this summer. We have a few weeks with fewer appointments so we decided to have some fun activities planned for the princess. Today we met some friends for lunch at Casey’s favorite restaurant. Her friend made her a beautiful bracelet with beads and pasta. In the picture they are modeling their matching bracelets. Very cute 🙂

I have never been able to figure out why Casey loves this restaurant so much. I noticed on our way out today a few other tables with special needs. I think it is located between a couple schools for special needs. The staff is always very accommodating. We just ended up there once, and now every time Casey goes to lunch this is where she wants to go.

After lunch we went downtown. Casey was able to listen to story time at the Children’s Museum. They read four stories. Casey payed attention and seemed to really enjoy all of them. After the stories we checked out the rest of the museum. She was not quite as into the rest. It was loud, and crowded. I think between being out of the house for a while and all the noise and people it was just too much for her. I picked her up for a little bit and she calmed down. When we asked if she wanted to go home though, she gave a definite “YES”. On the way to the car she saw a waterfall (in the city hall parking garage of all places) that she thought was kind of cool.

Casey talked the whole way home. I think she had fun. It is still “Casey Day” so she is watching movies now. Hopefully we can find some more fun stuff to do in the next few weeks before her schedule fills back up again.

It was soooo hot today. I think it is the 14th or 15th consecutive day of 100+ degrees. Maybe we will get lucky with some rain and a break in the heat for our next outing.

You can kind of see the small white pillow behind Casey’s pink pillow in the pictures. It stretches down to her waist and forms around her body (sort of).

Have a great weekend.

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