We got Casey’s new pillow on Thursday (6/30). The rep met us at therapy and he and Margaret helped me and Casey’s nurse make a bunch of adjustments to the pillow and her chair. The pillow was much smaller than I expected. It does help. I think Casey is much more comfortable and she is not laying on her arm turning it blue anymore. However, I don’t want other families out there to think the pillow is a magic cure to positioning issues. I am glad we got it. We are using it. Each time we load Casey we are still making adjustments. We are going to try it out for a little while. We may end up trying a bigger a size. I don’t know yet. I didn’t take any pictures during the setup (Casey was not happy). I will try to post something soon to show it in use. It looks like a small white pillow. Unless you squeeze it, you would not know it is anything more. It has a terry cloth cover, and the inside feels kind of like a combination of a bean bag and an air mattress. I am going to wait until I have a better idea if it is a good fit before I add it to our review section. I will post more soon. As always, we hope everyone is well.

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