Those Crafty Barnes’

Many of you know that Tim took up the hobby of wood working many years ago, and he has gotten really good at it too. From time to time we post pictures of cool things he has made to help store medical equipment, or make our lives a little easier, or just really nice furniture and art pieces he has made. I am not good with power tools, and before Casey I was craft-challenged at best. However, Casey loves crafts and with the help of Pinterest (yes, I am totally obsessed!) I have actually learned to make some cool stuff too.

Casey wears sunglasses anytime we are out of the house. She has quite the collection now- a pair for every mood and every outfit. A while back I made a super simple little board that keeps them all organized and handy so we can easily grab a pair on our way out the door.

We used to put all of Casey’s crafts on the fridge. She started making so many fun projects that the fridge was buried all the time. I made an art board for her play room by covering an oil drip pan (a giant cookie sheet found in the automotive section) in pink fabric. We have magnets on the board and she is able to display a bunch of her latest masterpieces at once.

My most recent project was really easy, and looks really cute in her bedroom. A lot of family and friends send Casey postcards from interesting places they visit. She LOVES getting these in the mail. We read her the messages and she will just stare at the pictures for hours. After she looked at them for a while they would get stored in a drawer. I decided to make a ribbon board to hang in her room so she can see all of postcards anytime she wants now. I found a cute fairy themed fabric that matched her room well. Then I just covered a foam board with some batting and the fabric and weaved ribbon diagonally across. It took maybe 30 minutes and now she can read her messages from far off places and look at her pictures easily.

Here are some pictures of my latest projects, and be sure to send Casey a postcard if you go somewhere exciting. We do not have a PO Box, and do not wish to make our address public. The postcard request is really for close friends and family only, please.