Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there. I hope that you all had a wonderful day. We had a very nice day. Tim and Casey got up early to make me breakfast. Tim developed a few pictures of Casey and had them put into a really cute frame for me. I also got a new wok so I can make some stir fry now. After breakfast and gifts I called and wished my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Then all of us (even Megan) drove up to Temple to take my grandparents lunch. Casey was not happy in the car, but after we got there she got situated and took a little nap while we all visited. After she woke up we headed back to Austin. Casey was again not so happy about being in the car, but shortly after getting home and settled in she was happy. Tim called his mom this evening to finish out our Mother’s Day events. All in all it was a nice day.

One of ours friends is in film school and her film was being played at a local theater this evening. We were hoping to get home in time for one of us to make it to her film. We had a lot going on, and Tim had to take some meetings as well. By the time we got everything done, sadly it was to late to make it to the show. I am sure it was great. Hopefully we will get a chance to see it later.

Casey’s EEG and neuro appointment went well. The doctor reviewed the test and told us that everything seems fine. There was a few oddities, but nothing to worry over.

We have a normal week this week. No doctor appointments or test scheduled. On Saturday I am driving with my grandparents and maybe Megan to Houston for my mom & John’s wedding reception. We are just going up for the afternoon/evening. We will be home that night. The party should be fun. When I spoke with my mom earlier today she said they are expecting over 100 people. Tim and Casey are going to stay home and have some daddy/baby time. I am sure they will have a good time.

I will post party pictures and this weeks events after I get back next weekend. Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. We hope everyone has a great week!
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