More details

Things have been crazy here, but we’ll try to give as many details as we have right now. We brought Casey back to the hospital on Thursday because her GI bleeding had returned and her pain was not manageable, even with our greatly increased medications. The only thing that relieves her pain is turning off her food, which we obviously can’t do at home. When we got to the hospital, they did a standard chest xray and found that in addition to her GI problems, her left lung had started to collapse. With all of Casey’s medical issues, combined with having general anesthesia for her endoscopy last week, it made sense that her lungs have been under additional stress. This is exactly the reason we are very critical of any procedure for her, as she is at greater risk for developing problems.

The doctors have added some additional medications and respiratory therapies to address Casey’s lung, which seem to be working in the last 24 hours. She is also on low dose morphine for her pain, which she loves. They placed a PICC line today into her arm since we will be here for a while. She will get all her nutrition and medicine through this, as well as daily blood draws.

The plan is to keep her on IV nutrition at the hospital while her lung heals. After we make progress there, we will try to restart feeding slowly in her g-tube (similar to before we went home last week). Also, when she is healthier, we can do some more tests to progress on surgical options.

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