Vibration Vest and More

The respiratory team has Casey using a special kind of vest that hooks up to some air pumps that vibrate her chest quickly from all sides. This is suppose to help her lung heal, and she seems to be tolerating it pretty well. With as much as she hates vibrations riding in the car, we were surprised but happy she is doing so well.

Casey has had some nose bleeds today, which we are watching very closely. It is probably just from the high flow oxygen, but in any case it’s dangerous for her if the blood gets in her lungs so we are being careful.

Casey’s old nurse Maritza stopped by to see her during lunch break. They used to read a lot together, and they even got to read a book. Casey got very calm and focused during her story, even though she wasn’t having a good day before that. It was great to see them together again and I tried to take a pic with my phone.

Surgery is still on hold while Casey’s lung heals. The doctors have prepared us for a longer stay, so I have a taken a leave of absence at work.

We’ll post more details when we have time…

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